Link a local DID phone number to your VoipDiscount account!

This number isn't supplied by VoipDiscount but you have to order it via a VoIP-number supplier (also called a DID-number supplier). Such a VoIP-number supplier is VOXBONE, the VoipDiscount team tested this supplier with success.

Setting up VoipDiscount with a Voxbone DID number:

  • First make sure you have a working VoipDiscount-account (remember your VoipDiscount username).
  • Go to the Voxbone website and Sign Up.
  • Log in on your Voxbone-account.
  • Go To "Purchase" and then "DID's".
  • Select a country and city, fill in a Quantity and click "add to cart".
  • Click on: "Check your cart to proceed with the purchase" and than Click on "purchase" to make your payment.
  • Open "URI's" under the Configure menu.
  • Add a new URI (Protocol:sip, new, Description: VoipDiscount) and Click on "Create".
  • Open "DID's & Trunks" under the Configure menu.
  • In the Virtual Number section change "Mapped to" to your VoipDiscount account and press "GO"

You're now set to go, dial your Voxbone number and your VoIP-client or SIP-Phone will ring.

You can find a Voxbone manual here.

The Voxbone service is not free, Voxbone charges a setup and monthly fee for there services. VoipDiscount doesn't charge a fee when you link a number to your VoipDiscount-account.

VoipDiscount is not responsible for the services from voxbone or any other number supplier. We only like to bring this service to your attention because a lot of VoipDiscount users ask for a VoIPIN-number. It's unclear which suppliers function correct with VoipDiscount, the VoipDiscount team can only advise you to test a supplier before you buy anything.